Crawford Farms

We have a nice mobile home on the farm that hunters can stay in as our guest.  It
will sleep 6 hunters and has an enclosed outside porch area to store hunting
clothing and equipment.  Satellite TV, a full kitchen and two bathrooms help make
your stay comfortable.

There is a motel nearby for those who would rather have separate lodging
facilities.  Hunters may also bring a camper or tent to stay in, however no reduction
in hunt rates will be made if you choose separate lodging.

The optional basic food plan provided includes light breakfast items (cereal, toast,
donuts, etc.), "fix your own" sandwiches for lunch, snacks, soft drinks, bottled water,
etc.  The evening meal is "on your own", however the mobile home has  complete
kitchen facilities for preparing a hot evening meal.  Hunting groups can elect to
provide all their own food, with a reduction of the hunt fee.  

Our facilities include a nice processing room for those who want to do their own
meat processing.  Commercial processors are also located nearby.  In addition we
provide 3 utility vehicles for hunters to use while on the property.
Mobile Home ~ living room