Crawford Farms
Deer Hunting

Our deer hunting is limited to archery only and there will be no more than 6 hunters on the
property at one time.  The hunting is unguided, however we will do all we can to assist you
and  share what we know about what the deer are doing while you are here.  We are using
the Cuddeback, Cuddelink camera system.  This system enables us to check the 19
cameras in our system every day without disturbing deer.  In 2018, we were able to view
500+ photos every 24 hours. There are 60+ stands already up including, ladders, Millennium
lock-ons, ground blinds, tripods and other hunting setups. Hunters are also encouraged to
bring your own portable stand or ground blind.  A climber stand will often give you the best

There are many different types of terrain on the farm and therefore different types of hunting
situations.  Even though each hunter may find a “favorite” spot on the farm, our past
experiences have proven there is no “best” place to hunt.

All deer hunting is fair chase (no high fences) and there is no guarantee that you will fill a
tag.  Since we raise cattle, there are low fences to deal with but we have found that
sometimes these can work to a hunter’s advantage as the deer often will travel along the
fence, creating travel funnels that can be easily recognized.

We have established guidelines for the minimum age and size of bucks to be harvested.  A
harvested buck
must have a gross antler score of at least 120 inches.  Bucks determined
to be 4-1/2 years or older may be harvested, regardless of antler gross score.  Harvested
bucks will be aged by sending two of the lower front teeth to an aging lab.  Gross antler score
will be determined by the owner of Crawford Farms Hunting.
 Hunters who harvest a buck
not meeting the minimum standards will be subject to a monetary fine.

We recognize the importance of harvesting does and establish a target number of does to
harvest each year, based on hunter reports and summer observation of the herd.  Based on
hunter observation, we have determined that our doe to buck ratio is favorable at
approximately 3 : 1.

Adams County, Ohio has earned a reputation for producing trophy bucks in the past few
years with many of them featured in national hunting magazines.  Big bucks like the habitat
found in our area.  It is not uncommon to observe and have a shot opportunity at 140+ class
bucks on the farm.  Much bigger bucks also make our farm part of their core area.  Because
of the type of terrain and the amount of food and cover available, hunters need to bring their
best hunting strategies.  The trophy buck of a lifetime could step out at any minute.
Most deer hunts are 6 days in length.  Hunting sessions begin with arrival on the farm on the
afternoon prior to your scheduled hunt.  Departure will be no later than the morning following
the final day of your hunt.    Deer hunts are priced per person for the 6 day session.  We hunt
deer from the beginning of the season through early January.  Even though the most
requested hunt dates are in November we have learned that our hunt property may actually
provide better opportunities during the early and late hunts due to the amount and variety of
feeding opportunities on the property.  Some late season hunts can be customized to fit the
schedule of a hunting group.

We have a processing room on the farm, complete with a walk-in cooler, freezer, electric
hoist, processing table, etc., that hunters can use to process their own deer or you can  
choose to use the services of local processors.

Check out our Trophy Room pages for a look at the kind of bucks our hunters have been able
to harvest
in recent seasons.